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An idea to undertake and a strategy to evolve

BBVA Innovation Center

12/11/2013 11:12

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Has it ever happened to you that when doing your daily job in the corresponding area in which you work, you realized that there is a product or service that would be of great help but nobody has created it yet or, if they have, it is not that effective?

This is the story of our lives and undoubtedly that of many entrepreneurs. There is no better way to realize the needs that exist in an area, specialty or type of business than to dedicate ourselves to it and prove them.

Cool Tabs was born this way. More than two years ago Facebook decided to eliminate its FBML application to create content tabs in fanpages and we tried to act as substitutes. The need was there.The idea was to cover it and seize the opportunity that was there in that moment. Little by little, we created other content applications, organized monthly plans and launched our first applications to create promotions and competitions on Facebook the service for which we are best known.


The truth is that in these two years we continue to update ourselves. According to our experience, we believe that an idea can help you undertake your business. It can even allow you to get benefits quicker than what you thought (if that idea satisfies a current shortage and you get to make the most out of the curiosity for the novelty). But the world evolves, sectors evolve and few people are lucky to live eternally from one single idea.

If we cannot live from one single idea, but we want to stay alive in the market, the only solution is to evolve, to think of a strategy that allows you to expand that initial idea and extend it to other areas or other formats.

For example, which has been the strategy followed by Cool Tabs? Our strategy might be divided in three areas: Firstly, we have been adapting our platform to all Facebook changes to avoid staying behind this social network. Secondly, we have improved and updated the applications that we had to give more options to our clients, trying that the user's experience was always the best possible. And finally, the third area has been expanding the experience we had achieved thanks to Facebook, creating applications for other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram.

Besides the business idea and the strategy to evolve, something really important we must also take into account is communication. What is the purpose of what you offer? Your potential clients may consider your product or service to be useless if you do not tell them its value. With this, we do not mean that you tell them the specific need it covers, but you should tell them all its benefits and how this can be a complement to achieve something more than covering that need.

In our case, Cool Tabs is a platform that offers applications to create content tabs for fanpages on Facebook , promotions and competitions in social networks. But Cool Tabs is also a platform that helps jump start the engagement of the brand with its users or to offer more information on that company or brand. Thus, Cool Tabs is a social marketing tool, and that is what we have to try to communicate our clients, so they know the implications of using our apps.

In summary, if you want to become an entrepreneur, find a good idea, create a strategy to stay in the business, and communicate what you have.

Alfredo Solano and Gaizka Villate are the founders of Cool Tabs.

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