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The golden future of big data

BBVA Innovation Center

03/08/2013 09:10

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2012 was the big data year. But everything seems to indicate that it will also be so in 2013… and 2014, 2015, and up to 2016. This growing market is expected to reach 18 billion euros within four years, according to estimates published by IDC.

If you still don't know what big data is and how you can turn it into an opportunity for your business, you need to get up to date right away, because the big data market is undergoing constant growth. It is undoubtedly one of the main trends for the near future.

According to IDC estimates published in January, the data market will move nearly 18 billion euros in 2016, thanks to an annual growth of 31.7%.

For the moment, storage is expected to be the sector that will see greater growth in the big data market, with 53.4%, followed by services with 21.1% expected growth. However, IDC has emphasized that all the sectors will grow.

Dan Vesset, vice-chairman of IDC for Big Data research and business analysis, maintains that the fast growth expected in the big data technology and service market represents "an opportunity of billions of dollars worldwide" and has attracted the interest of many companies.

For this reason, IDC has prepared a study, entitled 'Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services 2012-2016 Forecast', which examines in detail the prospects for this market from 2012 to 2016.