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Betsabé Ramírez: "The most important thing for a startup is not the idea, but the execution"

12/10/2014 10:36

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Betsabé Ramírez, founder and CEO at MitSix, show us in the BBVA Innovation Center website a new startup that has the purpose of meeting groups in a real 3 on 3 dating. With this interview you will see that is not that difficult to be an innovative woman, that there are many myths around entrepreneurship and that the dating webs tabu is actually broken


By Ignacio Salcedo

We met her at an event organized by MET Community. Betsabé Ramírez, founder and CEO at MitSix, released a startup that wants to change the concept of blind dating and that shows a new kind of meeting -blind or with photograph- with a much more percentage of succeeding, if not binding, at least having a good time with your friends and new ones. The entrepreneur answered to this questionnaire that will demonstrate that if you don't have funny experiences is because you don't want to have them.



How was your experience at the MET and what did you learn from it?

The experience was very positive. I've had the opportunity to network but I've also met people with an exceptional human quality whose sole motivation is to help mentees with their projects in a completely selfless way. It's essential for a startup to be in meetings like MET for three reasons: to gain access to professionals who are experts in different areas of business that you might not otherwise get the chance to meet; you meet people in a similar situation to yours, you share concerns and you can even get help from your peers; and helps you to network and it tries to create synergies between different startups.

What's the name of your project and what makes it original?

Our project is called MitSix. We organize fun dates between 2 groups of 3 friends who don't know each other but have a lot in common: 3&3. Interesting people and new places. Three is the magic number. Many more opportunities to meet people with common affinities, you don't have to go through the awkward opening minutes of a date because you go with two friends and if one of you scores, you don't stay. In any case, you have to score or it won't be a night to remember ;-) In groups you have a better time, absolutely!

And if you don't have many friends, can you sign up to Mitsix?

I'm sure you have two. You only need two to go to a mitsix. But choose those who are the most fun because it is going to be an epic night.

Have we broken the taboo with dating sites?

The taboo has been broken. People don't have time and want to meet others easily, in a fast and convenient way without having to go to a bar and come up with a way to approach these guys or girls they like to then get the brush off or have to chat for hours to manage to get a date. In this way they ensure that at least they have a drink and have a nice evening with fun people. There is really a much more open mentality nowadays and especially at MitSix; as you go with friends, the ones who are reluctant to use personal dating networks are keen to get to know new people using our website.
What has been the most difficult thing (relating to work) at Mitsix?

Every day is difficult. Beginnings are very hard and even more so at startups but you face it with more eagerness and enthusiasm to move the project forward and every little achievement is worth celebrating.

How did the idea arise and how did it come into fruition?

There's a website that organizes blind dates in the U.S. It seemed like a great idea to me and there was no group dating in Spain at that time. We finally decided to adapt the idea to our market and in addition to having blind dates, we are the only ones to have dates with photos beforehand. In this service we show pictures until two groups agree and we propose the date to them.

The million dollar question: what's the business model?

Our user pays for the event to be organized, which includes choosing the location, handling the booking, finding an appropriate group and a first round to break the ice. The mitters only have to worry about turning up on the day of the date and be prepared to have fun.

Will the meeting places always be related to the world of food and drink? Are you prepared for the freak world?

I assure you that the places where we carry out the mitsix are worthwhile, but cannot be revealed. TOP SECRET.

Is it true that it's more difficult to be a female entrepreneur than a male one? Why?

I think it's just as hard for anyone. The important thing is to have family support and those around you must understand it.

Have you used Mitsix to put it to the test? There won't have been any cheating to search for the good looking people! 

How can a founder not try her service? In terms of good looking people, I have to say that there is no need to cheat. You'd be surprised...

How do you see Mitsix in the next 5 years?

I see MitSix clearly expanding internationally to major European capitals and some countries in the Americas and Asia.

Are you be able to list 3 myths and 3 truths about being an entrepreneur?


•    I'm an entrepreneur to better reconcile my personal and professional life = MYTH. Working for someone else, if you are responsible, requires great dedication but you don't disconnect from your Startup for a minute. You own your time and you can organize yourself better, but you don't have more time, no Sundays or holidays to bank.
•    A good idea is the most important thing = MYTH. The execution is what's really important.
•    The most important thing is the founder = MYTH. The most important thing is that the founder is a good leader and surrounded by the best team.

•    Being an entrepreneur = PASSION and SATISFACTION. It's very important you do what you really want to do and you like in order to convince others how wonderful and necessary your product or service is and to make up for the lack of time and the hardness of entrepreneurship.
•    Your Startup becomes one of the family who lets you sleep less than anyone else.
•    Being an entrepreneur is a very enriching experience on a personal level and it also gives you a lesson in all areas of the company that you couldn't get otherwise.

Thank you. See you in MitSix!