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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: Wrap up!

11/13/2014 10:34

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Intensity, opportunities, growth, sophistication, exposure… These are some of the words that the #BBVAOpenTalent winners have used to describe their experience. We have compiled some interviews that will give you a hint of what this week has meant to our winners!


The NY Crash Acceleration Week is going to be remembered as a great week to get to know other peers, network with investors and learn from amazing speakers. All the participants agree that it has been a unique experience that allowed them to be in the biggest and most important market in the world for startups. Also, they have had the opportunity to learn what VCs look for in a startup’s founder to invest in him.

We have put together some interviews that, we hope, will give you a taste of what this experience has meant to our winners:

Marc Sallent, Founder & CEO from Audiosnaps


Sebastián Cadenas, Founder & CEO from IncreaseCard


Evgeny Likhoded, Founder & CEO from ClauseMatch


Sunil Madhu, Founder & CEO from Socure


Arturo Bonnin, Founder of Counterest


Daumantas Dvilinskas, cofounder and CEO of Transfergo and winner of the Empire Startups Summit, talks about the importance of this week for his startup.

Daumantas Dvilinskas, cofounder and CEO of Transfergo

Thank you all for sharing this amazing experience!


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