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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: A training stop at Endeavor

11/06/2014 05:33

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The evening brought us a wonderful pit stop before heading to the NBA game. We visited the offices of Endeavor, a non-profit focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their companies into high-impact businesses, capable of creating jobs and multiplying their income.


Bianca Martinelli, VP of Endeavor for Latin America and Southern Europe

They provide mentorship and access to a vast network of contacts and other entrepreneurs that can be extremely helpful when a small company starts to transition to a mid-seized business. We learn about this from one of the Endeavor’s entrepreneurs, Rabih Nassar.

Nassar founded his first company in 1992 and credits Endeavor for the tremendous help they provide. “As a company from Lebanon it was difficult for us to have access to the VC ecosystem”, he told us. The organization allowed him to reach his network to New York, Silicon valley an other main technology hubs.

We chatted with Bianca Martinelli, VP of Endeavor for Latin America and Southern Europe right after our meeting:

BBVAOT: So, what is Endeavor and what goals does it have?

BM: Endeavor is an international organization that works with high-impact entrepreneurs all over the world. We are now in 21 countries supporting roughly 1000 entrepreneurs in 600 companies that have generated 6.5 billion dollars in revenue last year alone.

BBVAOT: ¿Whats advice would you give to the startup on this trip if they want to become, at some point, part of Endeavor?

BM: We focus on “scale-ups” and we select the entrepreneur rather than the company, so its really important for any entrepreneur that goes through our selection company to think big. We are selecting the entrepreneurs that have the big dreams, that are going to scale their companies and have an impact by generating jobs, of course, but also by becoming ecosystem creators.

They are going to have to multiply their financial gains, their credibility into the next generations of entrepreneurs, thats really what we are looking for. Even if they are still start-ups, theres a right mentality to have from the very beginning about creating the ecosystem and helping each other and thats definitely what we want to foster on our portfolio.


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