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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: Learning from the best ones

11/06/2014 01:28

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The NY Crash Acceleration Week couldn’t have started better! Our winners had a really complete agenda for their first day: the official kickoff of the event, a masterclass conducted by Fermín Ezquer, a pitching session at Long Ridge Equity Partners and, to end, a meeting with Endeavor. And then a small surprise… our winners had an awesome present waiting for them. Wanna know more? Keep Reading!!!


The first day of the NY Crash Acceleration Week has started early this morning at the Grind Offices. Gustavo Vinacua, Director of the BBVA Innovation Center, welcomed the participants and encouraged them to participate and take advantage of each one of the upcoming days.

Welcome words by Gustavo Vinacua.

Welcome words by Gustavo Vinacua.

After the official kickoff, our participants received a masterclass by Fermín Ezquer from Think Creative. The main topic was to learn how to create a successful business model. According to Fermin, the goal is to find the right solution to a problem, using the best technology at a price that customers can afford. 

As a practical example, Fermin proposed an exercise where our guys had to work on a financial solution for millennials.

Fermin with the weapons of every facilitator: a marker and post-its.

Fermin with the weapons of every facilitator: a marker and post-its.

To wrap up his class, he challenged participants to do something called the Marshmallow Challenge. All you need is: 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string and a Marshmallow. Intrigued? Take a look at this TED Talk video.

Our winners having fun during the Marshmallow Challenge.

Our winners having fun during the Marshmallow Challenge.

After lunch, our participants were headed to the Long Ridge Equity Partners offices, where they could pitch their products to investors and get useful feedback from them.

Evgeny Likhoded was the first one to take the stage this evening.

Evgeny Likhoded was the first one to take the stage this evening.

However, not all is work in NY… To end the day, our happy bunch could catch an NBA game at the Barclays Center! What an awesome end for the first day!

Los ganadores de Open Talent en la NBA

After this exciting and intense start, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has to offer! Brace yourselves! More is coming! :)


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