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BBVA Open Talent Acceleration: David Rose give us the recipe for the perfect pitching deck

11/08/2014 10:40

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Few are those in the startup scene who have not heard of David Rose. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, CEO of Gust and founder of New York Angels, Rose has become a legend in the VC world.


David Rose, CEO of Gust and founder of New York Angels

He gave us, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic talks of the trip. A comprehensive recipe to give the perfect pitch and attract angels and VC.

You can sum up his recommendations in a simple acronym, KRSP (Knowledge, Respect, Skill and Preparation) but he gave us more than a formula. His talk was full of practical advice on the presentation skills every entrepreneur should have.

The most important part is to build up the momentum in your pitch. start with something that grabs attention from the audience and steadily grow their interest into the message you are transmitting. End with a bang, a knockout, and they’ll be yours.

¿How do you create the perfect deck to make that happen? These is the perfect pitching deck (although Rose points out that other formulas could work too):

1. Logo and who is presenting

2. A context Setter

3. The management Team

4. The market today and what is the thing you are trying to fix.

5. Your product or solution (don’t take more than a couple of minutes to explain it)

6. Your business model

7. Who would be your customers

8. What is your market strategy.

9. Who is your competition

10. What is your unique advantage

11. A short financial overview of your company

12. The history and status of the company

13. The raise & valuation if it’s defined

14. Closing statements


So that’s 14 slides total and they should not take more than 15 minutes to go through. Being clear and avoid too much text or complex graphs is a must.

David’s also gave us his 10 commandments for a successful pitch:

1. Only the CEO gives the money pitch.

2. Check your equipment, use your own projector and have backups.

3. Pace your presentation evenly (1 minute per slide average)

4. Don’t stroll of fidget during it.

5. Don’t tell jokes. It’s ok to use humor, though.

6. Hands-out are not a presentation.

7. Always use a remote control.

8. Don’t do a live demo. Ever.

9. Don’t read your speech.

10. Never look at the screen. Never brake eye contact with your audience.

The room was crowded and noisy but we got to ask Dave what is the most common mistake during a pitch and this is what he told us:


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