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BBVA extends the MIT Innovators Under 35 awards to Latin America

BBVA Innovation Center

07/23/2013 11:39

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Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Central America, Argentina and Uruguay, as well as Spain, are the countries where MIT is seeking young entrepreneurs, thanks to the renewed agreement with BBVA.

Ignacio Deschamps, director de Banca Retail de BBVA“We want to be close to talent and the new ideas that will help us build a better future for people”. With these statements Ignacio Deschamps, Retail Banking Director at BBVA, announced renewal and strengthening of the agreement between and MIT Technology Review on the Innovators Under 35 awards.


This new agreement makes BBVA the main partner in Innovators Under 35 (formerly TR35). BBVA has shown its support for these awards since the first competition was organized in Spanish.


“With this alliance, BBVA supports creation in the international community of innovators who will be leaders at the forefront of technology and business in the future”, Deschamps stated during EmTech in Mexico.


The aim is to reward young researchers and entrepreneurs who use technology in creative and inspiring projects that provide solutions to real problems.


A philosophy that fits in perfectly with BBVA’s vision, which makes interaction with entrepreneurs a cornerstone of its innovation strategy.

Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Central America, Argentina and Uruguay are the countries that will have young Innovators Under 35 this year.