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Air Comments uses augmented reality to create the first space social network

BBVA Innovation Center

12/12/2013 12:46

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Air Comments, finalist of the start-up competition BBVA Open Talent, is the first social network in which the comments are organized in a spatial way. Pablo Alejandro, its founder, specifies its characteristics and tells us how he achieved its implementation.

Most of the social networks rank the comments by chronological order. Yesterday, a user published a comment, today early in the morning he published one more and he left the last one just five minutes ago. You can see them in your social networks respecting this order in time. Air Comments aspires to be the social network that sets out the foundations of a new scheme in this field.

The idea of creating Air Comments was born exclusively from Pablo Alejandro, the founder of this start-up. “It came to my mind a year ago and I made a prototype in one weekend. Then, I developed it in five or six months”, he explains.

Pablo, a 27-year-old native from Tarragona, shows himself surprised by the acceptance that his project has had. And he can only think of one piece of advice for other entrepreneurs. “I would tell not to think, to go for it”.

In just a matter of months, Air Comments, which is translated into several languages, has managed to reach 25 countries. This new social network aspires to become the new Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tuenti. That is, it is aimed at all the social network users and its target public is 1 billion people.

According to the growth data from these social networks in their first years, and supposing that Air Comments had a much smaller growth, in three years the network could have 10 million users. Currently, the only available version of the network is the beta version available, and it has 500 active users and 4,000 downloads. “All that without advertising, just mouth to mouth”, he says.

He considers that the experience of participating in BBVA Open Talent is worth nearly as much as the prize. “I began to understand how the world of start-ups works. I was really enthusiastic, because I realized that there are people that began as I did and that finding investors is possible if you look for them. I had the impression that it is possible for me to do the same”, he assures.

“None of the current social networks is based on comments localizations”, the founder of this start-up commented in the final phase of the start-up competition called BBVA Open Talent which was held in Buenos Aires last July. “With Air Comments, the comments will not appear on a wall or in a page, but they appear floating in the air. Thanks to augmented reality users can see, rate and comment the comments that appear around them”.

He explains that, when you write a comment, it remains floating in the air in that place and just the people who are around that specific point can see it. This message remains in that place forever.

Regarding the business model, Pablo details two methods. The first of them is the posting of customizable messages for one dollar. You can put a face or a logo. The second monetization method involves starred messages and with expiry date. These will be particularly useful for shops or other type of store that wants to leave messages for the people who are strolling near them.