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12 May 2016

Traditional wealth management services disrupted

A lot has been said and written about how all sectors will eventually see the advent of uberization. Wealth management is not an exception.

In this video, the finalists of the 2015 BBVA Open Talent competition talk about the role of technology in changing the face of wealth management services.

During the regional final in Latin America, Igal Roitman (Finvox) explained how it is important to change our approach to digital transformation. His company's investment suite helps Latin American brokerage firms achieve this transformation irrespective of their technology level.

In turn, Sebastian Manthei (WealthArc) uses his pitch video in the European final to analyze the challenges faced by wealth managers in the new technology era. His company hopes to turn wealth managers into trusted advisors against this challenging background.

Lastly, Dyme is a North American company that helps Millennials develop savings habits. To achieve this, Joseph Prather encourages the use of a channel this generation is very familiar with – instant text messaging.