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22 March 2016

Multidisciplinary banking, or the importance of successful business models

Startups that made the cut for last year's Open Talent finals share their experiences of the competition for other entrepreneurs considering the BaaS (Bank as a Service) model.

The success of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model led to it being replicated in numerous other sectors. Banking is no exception, with the fintech ecosystem still turning up new opportunities by merging innovation with methods not traditionally used in the financial sector. Finalists in the 2015 BBVA Open Talent competition discuss their particular crusades to overhaul the fintech ecosystem via Banking as a Service.

In this video you will hear about cognitive technology from Carlos Rodrigo of 50Wise, as well as find out from Anatalio Ubalde what solutions SizeUp is providing to help SMEs harness technology to bridge the divide between them and major corporations.

Meanwhile, the Mexican firm Volabit wants to help emigrants to send money home to their relatives even when they, like 70% of the country's population, are not bank account holders. Joshua Scigala, of Vaultoro, explains the benefits of a currency exchange service to convert Bitcoins into gold bullion.