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31 March 2016

The democratization of capital management through the Internet

If wealth management was only available to a few people beforehand, these services have been democratized with the digital sphere arriving on the scene.

Capital management has been one of the pillars of traditional banking services. This area is also likely to be redesigned by new times, talent and innovation.

The finalists of BBVA Open Talent 2015 explain their vision of the future for the sector, embodied in the various projects presented in the previous edition.

Octavio Novelo, from Zave App, explains how a nest egg offers sufficient guarantees to be able to get a credit history from it.

Meanwhile, Raja Palaniappan, from Origin Market explains how he came up with the idea that resulted in him abandoning his seven-year career as a broker to end up winning the European final of BBVA Open Talent 2015.

Finally, DRAFT explain how their tool helps users avoid the hidden fees that large investors sidestep in their portfolio. Brad Lawler stresses the importance of their work so smaller investments are not subject to any unnecessary costs.